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Car Rental Without Credit Card

Car rental without credit card

Car rental with cash deposit or debit card

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We accept multiple options for payment and guarantee deposit you do not need to have a credit card

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Is it possible to car rental without a credit card?

Yes, in premium car rental specialists in luxury car rental in Cancun, Playa del Carmen, Riviera Maya and its surroundings, it is possible because we offer the possibility to rent a car or suv without credit card, as we accept multiple options to pay your rent and deposit guarantee, like cash, debit card, deposit, transfer or PayPal.

Why Premium Renta Car no need a credit card?

Unlike almost all car rental companies we manage a scheme in which we can dispense with the need to require the client or a companion to travel with him, that have a credit card because our agreement with the insurer allows us to do so, besides that we deposit our trust in our customers but especially we attend the great demand of customers who do not have a credit card and for them is very difficult to rent a car to wherever they go for not having this resource.

Is there a difference when you rent a car with or without a credit card?

Absolutely not, in premium renta car there is no difference if you make your payment or leave your deposit guarantee with credit card, you will enjoy the same privileges and services with the same quality and efficiency, that if you do it in cash or debit card, with us there are no special conditions or limitations depending on the form of payment or how you leave your deposit guarantee.

What are the advantages of rent a car without a credit card?

  • The process of pick-up the car is much faster as we do not depend on a payment terminal.
  • If you come from another country or even if you are a national you will not have to worry if your card has enough balance.
  • The process of drop-off the car is much faster because we can deliver your deposit more quickly by having it at hand.
  • You will not have to wait for the process of unlocking your credit card since it can take up to 1 week to see your money reflected in your account again, the time is variable depending on the bank.
  • You eliminate the feeling of distrust that arises when leaving your credit card details.

In premium rent car, we offer the car rental service without a credit card, you do not think more and make your reservation by clicking here And do not waste your time searching in other companies where you are denied the service for not having a credit card, for us you are a valuable customer who deserves a service of quality and efficiency, give us the opportunity to serve you and assure you that you do not will regret.