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Latest news about luxury cars

Renting a car without a credit card is possible

Car Rental Without Credit Card, Is it possible?

Currently almost all car rental companies require customers as a requirement to give them the service to have a credit card, leaving aside those who do not have it, however rent a car without a credit card today is a reality.

Mustang California Special 2016 in Mexico!

The Mustang California Special is available in Mexico for the first time!

Limited to 180 units, 120 coupés and convertibles 60. The signing of the blue oval presents in our country a new variant of its iconic Pony Car that perfectly combines the elegance of a car classic and the power and grandeur of a modern car.

because rent a luxury car

Reasons to rent a luxury car

There are many reasons to rent a luxury car, and it is clear that it has nothing to do vanity or presumption, the experience of driving a luxury car is undoubtedly something that you not to be missed, would you drive luxury car if you had the chance?